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About Us

Highwin Industries has the capability to manufacture and supply the exact product, on time, whenever and wherever clients need it. We offer competitive pricing and excellent availability of Flexible Encoder Coupling, Servo Coupling, Flexible Coupling, Helical Coupling, Servo Motor Coupling and Disc Coupling. Since 2006, we have come a long way and today, are at the forefront of innovative technology as a manufacturer. During this time, we have expanded our capabilities and formed our team of engineers, technical experts to carry out projects on a wider scale and tackle projects with efficiency.

Our products are precision engineered to highest standards and specifically designed to generate optimum value. Our team works together on various customer projects and through initial discussions identify the operations, specific requirement and clients expectations from the product. This way our experts help us deliver to clients the right solution for their business.

In-house Test Facility

In the last ten years, we have built up a wealth of coupling knowledge but in the changing market where products are introduced all the time, it becomes important to understand different characteristics and features of our products. Through our in-house testing equipment, we test all the manufactured products on various parameters, thereby ensuring our clients get the right product for their application.


We put emphasis on modern production methods in our manufacturing process to remain competitive in this industry. Focusing on continuous improvement, we invest in production facilities, inspection equipment and optimization of the production processes. By using the most advanced equipment, we are able to bring forth products that provide maximum benefits to clients. Besides, to make sure that our clients experience is exceptional while dealing with us, we always hold bulk quantities stock of Flexible Encoder Coupling, Servo Motor Coupling, Helical Coupling. This help us in meeting their immediate requirements with the product that suits their needs.

Why Us?

For many years, we have made & enjoyed exceptional relationships with clients and have proved ourselves as the best partners. As our clients are our central focus, we make sure to supply them products which are designed and tailor made to their specific requirements. Besides, some other factors which make us a company of choice are:

  • Cutting edge production methods
  • Incomparable services to customers
  • Outstanding high-quality products
  • Focus on product improvement and innovation
  • Commitment to on time delivery